Cast Sustainable Construction (CSC)

Solar Energy

When Cast builds or redevelops a residential building we are able to take advantage of free, renewable energy from the sun and install one of the various Solar Energy Systems. Harnessing solar power can provide various levels of the power needed to operate and sustain your home. The Lower Mainland and many parts of BC are fantastic for solar installation, which can contribute greatly to your home’s power requirements.

Solar Assessment For Your House

You can create clean solar energy by having a system installed on your roof. We will conduct a thorough solar assessment of your home to determine if solar is a viable option. The assessment takes into account what percentage of your roof is facing south, how much sunlight can be captured and how much energy a home requires.

Once we have determined these elements, you then decide on how much power you would like to generate and invest in — some, most or all.

Next, our team will install the photovoltaic panels and inverters on your home and provide solar power to the grid using BC Hydro’s net metering program. Then continue to use electricity as you have always done.

Choosing Your Energy System

Sunlight is abundant and the most powerful source of energy available. Despite our rainy reputation, Vancouver has access to limitless amounts of solar energy, which can be captured through photovoltaic panels. We can then convert this direct current energy into alternating current energy.

System Options For Solar

There are two systems that you can choose from for your home:

1. Grid-Tied Systems: This will allow your house to produce power, connect it to the existing grid, receive credit for the power produced and debits for grid power consumed. In this version you don’t actually use the solar electricity, but instead you provide clean energy back into the grid and help reduce the load placed on hydro electricity.

The 3 main benefits being:

  1. off set costs of power consumption
  2. net-zero whereby power produced = power consumed
  3. cash positive = produce/sell more power than consumed

2. Off-Grid Systems: The off-grid system is ideal if you are looking for a self-sustainable home. This will allow your house to produce power, store power with batteries for nights and low sun conditions, use only power you produce and store with no grid connection.

Saving You Money, While Saving Energy

Think of the grid-tied system as a bank – you make debits and get credits – if you produce more energy than you use you receive payments or “credits” from hydro, if you produce the same amount you use – your bill is will, or if you produce some of the energy that you need – you will receive reduced hydro bills. With this system it becomes simple and you begin to create energy and provide it to your neighbours and the grid.

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