Cast Sustainable Construction (CSC)

Net Zero Homes

Net Zero Homes are a growing trend in the Lower Mainland and throughout BC.  The team at Cast Sustainable is committed to building net-zero homes in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Whistler and the Smithers area. Additionally, Cast has worked on retrofitting many homes in the area to be nearly, or net-zero.

Green Homes With Neutral Energy Usage

Net-zero energy homes are green buildings that produce as much energy as they consume. These buildings are designed to be as energy efficient as possible by implementing various energy saving features. Not only can a net-zero certified house help save you money on monthly heating and electricity bills, it is incredibly beneficial to the environment.

Net-Zero Construction In Vancouver

In Europe, all new residential buildings had to be nearly carbon-neutral by December 31, 2020. Although these regulations don’t directly impact us here in Vancouver, there is mounting pressure in Canada to have a similar plan. So building your new home or renovating your existing one before it is a requirement will go a long way towards a green future. All of our net-zero construction projects use healthy house materials. So you don’t have to compromise the health of your family for the health of the environment.

Combining Renewable Resources With Green Construction

Building projects that are efficient to start and then coupled with sustainable, green solar power designs to offset additional energy requirements just makes sense. From installing passive solar to offset additional power requirements, to airtight windows and doors for maximum heating and cooling efficiency, our experienced team can develop and build the net-zero home of your dreams.

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