Cast Sustainable Construction (CSC)

Sustainable Building

At CSC we make every attempt to increase the sustainability in all of our construction and renovation projects. One of the primary ways we promote sustainability is by building better projects. By building better structurally from the ground up and implementing healthy home practices, we ensure that our projects will last longer – and that’s a great and sustainable way to start.

We also employ Certified Sustainable Building Advisers that work with our clients to help them achieve LEED certifications and a healthier, more energy efficient home.

Various sustainable initiatives we commonly implement in our commercial and residential projects include:

  • Installation of solar panels
  • Working with low or no VOC paints and finishes
  • Using reclaimed lumber
  • Selecting recycled lumber and materials
  • Recycling all applicable materials from our projects
  • Repurposing materials
  • Installing water saving fixtures and appliances
  • Installing energy star rated appliances
  • Implementing healthy home practices during site selection
  • Installing solar hot water systems
  • Supporting local manufacturers whenever possible
  • Building and renovating to maximize Passive House techniques
  • Insulating and sealing in a way that ensures maximum R values
  • Proper use of ventilation and home breathing systems
  • Rainwater management and recycling
  • Installing energy efficient windows and skylights
  • Weather and draft proofing
  • Installing energy efficient heating and cooling systems

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