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Wicanders Corkcomfort

Wicanders Corkcomfort

Manufacturer: Wicanders
Category: Flooring

Founded on the most advanced technological innovation and ongoing research of current trends and requirements, the new Corkcomfort product line has allowed Wicanders® to create a new flooring philosophy, revolutionizing cork floors’ traditional concept.

Corkcomfort brings to life ceramic, stone, metal and leather patterns, enhancing cork’s role in interior design. New attributes emerge, as this collection reinterprets style, elegance and the sophistication of different materials. The result is an infinite pallet of remarkable surfaces with innovative dimensions, allowing the creation of the most diverse range of environments, enriched by the unique qualities and visual elegance of cork. Corkcomfort was also enhanced with advanced texturizing, painting and bevelling processes that provide depth and intensity to any space, ensuring the versatility of any choice.

Corkcomfort starts out a new approach in decoration, in harmony with nature and human emotions.

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