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Sinks Gallery – Double WaveTub Model: SCS-WV-TUB-DB

Sinks Gallery – Double WaveTub Model: SCS-WV-TUB-DB

Manufacturer: Sinks Gallery
Category: Bathtubs


The sleek Double Wave Tub provides a spacious and luxurious retreat for either one or two people. The waves are contoured to make your body relax and say ahhh. You’ll enjoy a truly refreshing experience in this tub.

To enhance your soaking pleasure, an optional programmable heating coil ($2,495) and spa air bubble system ($3,495) can be cast into the tub body for those days you just don’t want to get out.

This extra large soaking tub with slotted drain has a 130 gallon capacity (1,800 lbs) and is available in 24 standard colors to match your bathroom decor. Pictured here with the Sonoma Forge Waterbridge tub filler and overflow drain.

NuCrete™ is a stain resistant concrete that is an eco-friendly building material – the result of a proprietary process starting with a specifically engineered concrete mix, a controlled placement, curing technique, and a chemically fortified and mechanically honed surface that preserves the very popular look and feel of concrete and natural stone. NuCrete™ is permanent chemical fortification of the stone that will remain stain resistant for the life of the product with very little maintenance.

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