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Sinks Gallery – Double Basin Farmhouse Sink Model: C04-33D

Sinks Gallery – Double Basin Farmhouse Sink Model: C04-33D

Manufacturer: Sinks Gallery
Category: Kitchen Sinks


Offered by custom order, this gorgeous Double Basin Farmhouse sink is shown in Blue/Gray granite ($1,790) with rough front apron and polished rim and interior. Also offered in Beige granite ($1,790) or Black granite ($2,150). This versatile double bowl style weighs approx. 330 lbs.

Each sink is carved from a single block of stone quarried from hillsides where the rock has formed over eons. This means each block has its own character, with infinite variation in its crystalline structure. The differences are evident in distinctive veining, mineral inclusions, minor pitting or areas of deeper coloration. The coloration and features of each block of stone will vary one to another. These are the features that create the beauty and value of natural stone.

The Black Granite that this piece is made from comes from a quarry where there is a high degree of mica in the stone, so flecking of silver or gold-hued mica is to be expected. This material is chosen for the richness that is inherent in the stone and small concentrations of this flecking are predictable, though their distribution will be somewhat irregular. It is possible that you will see concentrations of mica up to the size of a quarter, which in our opinion, only adds to the character and uniqueness of this beautiful stone!This product does not ship outside the United States. For international orders, please call customer service for more details.

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