Renovation Tips For Eco Friendly Homes In Vancouver

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Cast Sustainable Construction specializes in building Eco-friendly healthy homes that are good for your family and the environment.

Climate change is finally opening our eyes with fact-filled reports that estimate buildings contribute to almost half of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions. In order to live more responsibly and eliminate our carbon footprint, we need to step up and change our ways before it’s too late. The following tips on energy-efficient improvements and rebate programs in Vancouver will help you create an eco friendly home that will help you save money and the environment.

Vancouver is concentrating its efforts on implementing Green building renovation programs and policies that help reduce consumed energy in new eco friendly homes by up to 33%. Vancouver is also focusing on creating new buildings that are carbon neutral” by 2030. Their efforts have not gone un-noticed… In fact, a recent article in the Vancouver Sun stated “The City of Vancouver was recognized for having the Best Green Building Policy in the country.” 

Even though Vancouver has been in the lead with sustainable building practices and eco friendly homes, these sustainable practices are starting to catch on with the rest of the country. People are realizing that even though the cost of building green may be more initially, the benefits and long-term savings of building eco friendly homes outweigh the initial investment.

Grants and loans have been made available in certain areas for energy-efficient improvements, and rebate programs have been created to help you save money by reducing your annual utility costs by up to 40%, while making your home more energy efficient. More information on these home renovation programs in Vancouver can be obtained here.


Building By-Law Amendments

Building By-Law Amendments were passed in Vancouver with environmental protection objectives in mind that would help reduce the environmental impact of new homes and buildings. Some of their recommendations addressed:

-Energy performance with lighting, hot water heating and fireplaces
-Water efficiency
-Air quality and ventilation
-Solar energy

That report can be accessed here.


How To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

The following recommendations will help your home become more energy efficient, and are actual requirements in Vancouver’s Green Homes Program

Dual Flush Toilets:
In order to reduce water consumption, high efficiency single-flush toilets or dual-flush toilets are now required under Vancouver’s Green Homes Program.

Ventilation Systems:
The Green Homes Program requires every new home to install a Recovery Ventilator (HRV) in order to provide an on-going supply of fresh air. The HRV system will help reduce heating costs by transferring heat from warm indoor air to incoming air from outside your home.

Energy Efficient Windows:
All Energy Star windows have been approved and meet the energy efficiency requirements stated in the program. These energy efficient windows help prevent heat from escaping and improve overall efficiency in your home by reducing energy loss.

Gas Fireplace:
A fireplace can be the culprit of heat loss when you aren’t using it. A new fireplace is required to have an electronic ignition installed and should be direct-vented.

Car Charger in Garage:
Now that car manufacturers are creating hybrids, all new homes are required to install a cable raceway from the electrical panel to an empty outlet box that will provide a charging system for an electric vehicle.

Insulating Hot Water Tanks:
To help decrease heat loss, electric-powered hot water tanks and pipes should be wrapped with insulation.

These are just some of the ways you can implement energy efficient strategies into your home design. If you would like more information on Vancouver’s Green Homes Program, please visit their site.

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