How To Select A Home Improvement Contractor

Residential Developments

When you’re adding value to your home in order to recoup your investment, selecting the right home improvement contractor is crucial. Don’t let the lowest submitted bid tempt you.

A contractor who submits significantly lower than other bids you receive, may not have the experience or insurance coverage necessary to ensure your project exceeds your satisfaction and meets your deadlines.

Always consider the following factors before selecting your home improvement contractor:

Interview At Least 3 Companies:

Slow down. Even though home improvement projects are exciting, never make a hasty decision. Get at least 3 quotes from home renovation companies that clearly outline specifically what you want completed. When choosing your home contractor, a combination of quality of workmanship and pricing that fits your budget should always be considered.

Is Your Contractor Experienced?
When choosing a home contractor, make sure they have a minimum of 5 years experience under their belt. Also, request to preview a portfolio of completed projects that are similar to yours.

Can They Provide References?
If the renovation company you are considering isn’t able to provide you with quality references you can research, approach with caution. A successful home renovation company should always have satisfied clients. In our business, word of mouth is everything! Ask your potential contractor for several references of projects similar to yours.

Are They Licensed?
Licensed contractors won’t necessarily guarantee quality workmanship, but it will help weed out amateurs. Make sure your home renovator is fully licensed and insured. In Vancouver, a company must have a valid business license in order to apply for building permits.

Do They Have Insurance?
Every contractor should have general liability insurance and also be covered under Workers’ Compensation. If they don’t, you could be liable for any injuries workers sustain on your property. Ask for copies of the actual insurance policy.

Will Contractor Supply You With A Detailed Contract?
Always get project details in writing? Ask potential contractors if they will provide you with a contract that clearly states what will be done, payment stages and completion dates.

In the end, the best contractors are contractors that care about your project as much as you do. The chemistry between you and your contractor has to feel right. It’s important that you like and trust the company you will be bringing into your home.

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